Elektrinė riedlentė, longbordas (28km/h, nuvažiuojamas atstumas iki 16km)

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Elektrinė riedlentė, longbordas (28km/h, nuvažiuojamas atstumas iki 16km)
Elektrinė riedlentė, longbordas (28km/h, nuvažiuojamas atstumas iki 16km)


Product description
Why choose Maxfind Electric Skateboard?
The Maxfind E-skateboard weighs only 4.9 kg and is recognized as the world’s lightest electronic skateboard!
The board has an IP65 waterproof certificate that allows us to ride in inclement weather.
The powerful regenerative braking system allows us to stop immediately, even in the direction of the turn or downhill.
The board uses high quality and safe LG batteries. The battery can be replaced by the user,allowing us to replace the battery pack in seconds.
It offers a range of 10 miles on a single charge, making it ideal for long range ranges.
In addition, the complete board is fully certified for air travel with the CE FCC ROHS MSDSUN38.3 certificate.
The flexible Canadian maple deck and flexible wheels make it the perfect choice for sculpting,

and the amazing torque and power help us actually accelerate uphill. This is different from

anything we have experienced.
When the battery is exhausted, the maxfind longboard will slide as a regular skateboard
Maximum speed: 28km / h (17mph) (depending on the user’s weight and road conditions)
Maximum loading weight: 100kg
Maximum mileage: less than 16 km / 10 miles (average 12 – 16 km) will be affected by the rider’s

weight, riding skills, speed, roads, etc.
Climb angle: 20 degrees
Minimum turning radius: 5 M / 196.85 inches
Wheel material: polyurethane (PU)
Battery type: Samsung 18650 lithium-ion battery (included)
Battery capacity: 2.2AH; 36V
Charging time: about 60 minutes
Motor material: high performance PU
Motor power: 1000W (500 * 2 two motors)
Wireless remote control material: ABS
Remote battery: 450mAh lithium ion battery
Remote battery charging time: about 30 minutes
Package includes: 1 * electric skateboard, 1 * wireless remote control, 1 * instruction manual,

1 * original packaging


GeneralColor: Black
Basic InformationProduct weight: 4.9000 kg
Package weight: 7.0000 kg
Product size: 98.60 x 26.60 x 13.10 cm / 38.82 x 10.47 x 5.16 inches
Package size: 100.00 x 29.00 x 16.00 cm / 39.37 x 11.42 x 6.3 inches
PackagePackage Content: 1 × Electric skateboard ,1 × Wireless Remote Controller, 1 × Instruct Manual, 1 × Original Package

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