ILIFE V5 Vacuum Cleaner - Robot

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Sejarah perubahan harga
Sejarah Harga ILIFE V5 Intelligent Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
Pembaruan terkini terjadi:
  • € 146,42 - 2019 Januari 8
  • € 55,23 - 2018 Desember 19
  • € 82,99 - 2018 Desember 4
  • € 146,42 - 2018 November 15
Dari: 2018 November 15
  • Harga tertinggi € 146,42 - 2018 November 15
  • Harga terendah € 55,23 - 2018 Desember 19


iLife v5 Robot Ulasan Vacuum Cleaner


ILIFE V5 Unboxing, Tes dan Pemeriksaan Kebersihan


Informasi tambahan

Spesifikasi: ILIFE V5 Vacuum Cleaner - Robot

Ukuran paket (L x W x H)

47.00 x 41.00 x 16.00 cm, 18.5 x 16.14 x 6.3 inci

Ukuran produk (L x W x H)

30.00 x 30.00 x 7.00 cm, 11.81 x 11.81 x 2.76 inci

Paket berat (kg)


Berat produk (kg)


Jenis Pembersih

Vacuum Cleaner

Area Pembersihan (sq.m.)

120 - 150 meter persegi

Mode Pembersihan

Pembersihan otomatis, pembersihan perbatasan, pembersihan tempat, jadwal pembersihan


Kering, Mengepel, Sapu, Basah

Isi Paket

X Vacuum Cleaner 1, 1 x Diri Pengisian Pangkalan Remote Controller x 1, 1 x Adapter, Brush x 1, 2 x Side brushes, 1 x Filter, Cleaning Cloth x 1, 1 x User Manual Bahasa Inggris

ILIFE V5 dulkių siurblys – robotas Videos

Sejarah Harga

Sejarah Harga ILIFE V5 Intelligent Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
Pembaruan terkini terjadi:
  • € 166,74 - 2019 Januari 8
  • € 62,90 - 2018 Desember 19
  • € 94,51 - 2018 Desember 4
  • € 166,74 - 2018 November 15
Dari: 2018 November 15
  • Harga tertinggi € 146,42 - 2018 November 15
  • Harga terendah € 55,23 - 2018 Desember 19

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  1. gord -

    This in the first robotic vacuum I have owned so I have no comparison. I have about 700sq ft floor area all laminet . The first time I used it after clearing the floor area as per instructions, I followed it around. I had to pickup a few small door mats as the V5 would bunch them up and get stuck. I also learnt that some lamp cords and such, really need to be tucked out of the way or raised up. My bed also had to be lifted a caster height to avoid the unit from getting stuck.After reading the instructions and that small learning curve we were good to go. the first couple cleanings, I had to empty the unit halfway through. It does a great job at getting the dirt and dust bunnies from under the furniture. I got extra filters and brushes at the time of order. the filters were a good idea,the unit came with spare brushes.Being a person who does not always take my shoes off at the door, the V5 has done a great job at helping keep my floors clean.Pros: good pickup, self docking, good coverage, good battery life.Cons: it has a tough time with small rugs and cluttered areas.can get stuck and just quit (which is better than burning out motors). The front brush did got tangled up on an area rug that has very loose and long fiber. The robot then tried and gave up, then put itself into sleep mode. Actually, I think this is a Pro and not a Con. it’s able to protect itself instead of keep spinning the brush endlessly and kill the motor. After I’ve untangled it, woke it up by pressing the clean button, and it continue working as normal.

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  2. Austin -

    My wife is always mopping and sweeping. Almost to a point of obsession for cleanliness. Now that she’s 6 months into your pregnancy, it’s difficult for her to get on her knees. So I got this little guy for her. At first she was doubtful. But after I’ve read all the instructions, and got everything setup, she’s impressed. Right out of the box, without charging, it was able to do a 30 minutes demo of what it can do. We’ve tested out our entire flood, even where the adjacent room is slightly off level. Between our rooms, one room is 1 inch higher, other room is 2 inches in level different. The ILIFE v5 was able to past between rooms and did everything it claims to do. At the end of the 30 minutes run, opened up the lid, took out the dust collection container, there were ALL kinds of stuff in it. Dust, crackers, beads, and hair. Lots of hair. Yes, we’re VERY happy with this little guy. And already, the wife had recommended this product to a couple of her friends. – Sometimes it tends to get stuck if it encounters an obstacle it can half climb, like the borders of some furniture. – It’s a bit noisy, you can hear it working from a room away. – The bottom tends to get quite dirty after it completes a cleaning cycle. – It normally detects objects before bumping into them but with certain things like the legs of chairs it doesn’t see them and so bumps into them and moves them around a little. – It can only be programmed once per day, but the battery charges fast enough that two or three times a day shouldn’t be a problem.

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  3. Arturo -

    – It works well on carpet – Fully automatic, you press a button and it goes on a cleaning routine until it gets low on battery – Automatically returns to its base when the charge its low – It has an included mop attachment, there is no water tank but it can mop reasonably well it you wet the cloth. It can actually vacuum and mop in the same run. – Detects possible large drops, so it does’t fall off the stairs. – It can be programmed to activate once a day. – They include replacement filters and brushes, so It should last years – Manages to find its way back to base in a medium house 80% of the time – It’s slim enough that it fits under my bed and furniture – The dust bin has just enough capacity for a daily run or two max. – Battery autonomy is great, two hours of continuous operation Плохо находит базу. Пропускает много мусора. Долго заряжается. Работает только 2 часа. Шумит.

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